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Pursuant to articles 13 of EU Regulation 679/2016 as well as on the basis of the provisions of the General Provision of the Privacy Guarantor of 8 May 2014, the S.C.F. S.r.l., with headquarters in Via Taglio Sinistro 61 / P-S, 30035, Mirano (Venice) – P. Iva and C.F. 02210980278, Owner of the processing of personal data, provides users of the site with some information relating to the cookies it uses. What are cookies? “Cookies” are small text files, created automatically upon access to a specific site, with the aim of performing IT authentications, session monitoring and storage of specific information regarding the User and his visit. More specifically, cookies are sent from the server (physical place where the site resides) of the website visited to the user’s browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.), they are stored locally on the user’s computer. last, to be retransmitted, on the next visit, to the same site. During navigation, the user may also receive cookies from external sites (third-party cookies) on his terminal, set and used directly by the operators of the latter, in the manner and according to the purposes defined by them. Finally, cookies can remain on the user’s computer for long periods or for short periods, depending on their characteristics.
Types of cookies.
Session cookies Their duration corresponds to the session of use of the browser and they are automatically canceled when the latter is closed.
Persistent cookies They are constant and remain stored on the terminal even beyond the browser session, until the expected expiration date.
First-party cookies They belong to the website visited, which transmits them directly to the visitor.
Third party cookies They come from third party sites compared to the one visited. The owner of the visited site has no control over them and related information. Their eventual disabling does not compromise navigability in any way. The use of these cookies is governed by the rules set up by third parties and, therefore, to manage or disable these cookies, users must read the privacy information and indications published on the sites third party websites.
Categories of cookies. Technical or strictly necessary cookies: Technical, navigation or session cookies guarantee normal navigation and use of the website. Pursuant to the Provision of the Guarantor of 8 May 2014, no consent from the interested party is required for their use. Performance cookies: Performance cookies collect, anonymously and in aggregate form and in order to improve the functioning of the site, information on how to use and navigate the site, such as, for example, the pages visited most frequently and those that report error messages. Functional cookies: Functional cookies store information on the choices made by users, in order to improve functionality and personalization of the site according to needs, through advanced features such as, for example, automatic language selection, viewing videos of external platforms (e.g. example, YouTube) and sharing and publishing content on social networks.
euCookie Stores the option of the user in relation to the acceptance or otherwise of the brief information on cookies and therefore their use on this site. 12 months
Profiling or advertising cookies: Profiling cookies monitor and profile users during navigation, studying and storing their browsing options and habits on the site and on the web in general, as well as consumption habits, also for the purpose of sending advertising of targeted and personalized services. The website uses profiling or advertising cookies. Some of the services listed below collect statistics in aggregate form creating an anonymous user profile. These cookies are not managed by our company and are called third-party cookies. In particular, through Remarketing and behavioral targeting it is possible to make some applications interact with each other in order to communicate, optimize and serve advertisements based on the past use of this Application by the User.
Google Ads Remarketing (Google LLC) Google Ads Remarketing is a remarketing and behavioral targeting service provided by Google LLC that connects the activity of this Application with the Google Ads advertising network and the Doubleclick Cookie.
Facebook ads (Facebook Inc.) Facebook Remarketing is a Remarketing and Behavioral Targeting service provided by Facebook, Inc. that connects the activity of this Application with the Facebook advertising network.
For more information on these cookies and to disable them, please refer directly to the website of the interested party: Google Ads: Privacy Policy – Opt Out Facebook ads: Privacy Policy – Opt Out
Analytical cookies: Analytical cookies are used to collect information on the use of the various sections of the site and how users interact with it, for statistical analysis on the display of pages, on the number of visitors and on the visit time, to improve the site over time and simplify its use, as well as to monitor its correct functioning. The information is collected anonymously and aggregated and is used for strictly statistical purposes, without storing any personal user data. Analytical cookies are sent from the site itself or from third-party domains. Analytical cookies used on the website: The site uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service, provided by the third party Google LLC (“Google”), which uses analytical cookies that are installed on the user’s computer to collect data and perform statistical analysis, in aggregate and anonymous form, on the use of the website visited. On the web page you can find more information on this service. Google’s Privacy Policy (, on the other hand, governs the processing of personal data of users who use Google products and services. The list of cookies used by Google Analytics can be found at the following address:
_ga Used by Google Analytics to identify users 2 years
_gid Used by Google Analytics to identify users 24 hours
_gat Used by Google Analytics to increase the speed of the request session
_gat_xxx (one or more, relating to Analytics accounts additional to the first, with “xxxx” replaced by a unique identifier of each account) Used by Google Analytics to increase the speed of the request session
Processing methods. The treatment is carried out with electronic and automated tools, without disclosure or communication to third parties. Providing data. With the exception of technical cookies strictly necessary for normal navigation, the provision of data is left to the will of the interested party who decides to browse the site after having read, upon access, the brief information contained in the appropriate banner. To avoid the installation of cookies, you can disable this function through the special functions available on your browser (see, below, the “Disabling cookies” item). Acceptance and consent to data processing. The acceptance and consent to the processing of information by means of cookies occurs by viewing the banner on the site and clicking on the ACCEPT item. Disabling cookies. Without prejudice to the foregoing in relation to the cookies strictly necessary for navigation, to proceed with the deactivation of cookies and / or choose the desired blocking level, the user can use his own browser, modifying its settings. Since each browser – and often different versions of the same browser – also differ significantly from each other if you prefer to act independently through your browser preferences, you can find detailed information on the necessary procedure in the guide of your browser. For an overview of the modes of action for the most common browsers, you can visit Advertising companies also allow you to opt out of receiving targeted ads if you wish. This does not prevent the setting of cookies, but interrupts the use and collection of some data by these companies. For more information and the possibility of renunciation, visit Further requests regarding privacy can be sent through the Contact form.